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DiskBoss Server Programming API

DiskBoss Server provides a software development kit (SDK) and a C/C++ programming API library allowing one to control a single DiskBoss Server on the same host where the client application is running on or multiple DiskBoss servers running on a number of hosts connected to the same local network.

In a single-host setup, the DiskBoss API library connects locally to the DiskBoss server, which runs in the background as a service. The DiskBoss API library provides the user with the ability to configure the server, setup user-defined file management commands, control file management operations and save results to file reports or an SQL database.

In a multi-host configuration, the DiskBoss API library connects to one or more DiskBoss Servers through the network allowing one to configure, manage and control multiple DiskBoss servers using a single client application. For more information about the DiskBoss Server software development kit (SDK) and programming API refer to:

DiskBoss Server API Specification